Message from Ron Paul

Dear friend,

A few days after the GOP presidential debate was held at the Reagan Library, a gentleman called my campaign office while driving to his local DMV office. He said, “I have never voted in my life. I’ve also never heard of Ron Paul until seeing him in the debate. I’m calling to tell you that I’m on my way to register to vote for the first time, so I can vote for Ron Paul!”

That debate really put my campaign into the national spotlight. For those who have followed me over the years, my message of freedom and limited government is familiar. But for an unknown number of people, this message is new.

And that’s the exciting part of the Ron Paul 2008 campaign…and why I need your help.

We need your help to introduce the Ron Paul message to millions of Americans for the first time. But it will take money to do that.

For example, I will have a second major opportunity to reach out to new people tonight during the nationally televised (Fox News) GOP presidential debate in South Carolina. But that opportunity cost us, and each of the other candidates, $25,000.00. For the campaigns that have millions of dollars in the bank, paying the $25,000.00 fee was easy to do. But for us, it was a major expense.

The enthusiasm for my campaign for president is real…and it’s building. And we are working overtime to keep it going.

Help me introduce my message, our message, of freedom and limited government to millions of Americans for the first time.

Please make a contribution today. You can contribute online or download a printable form by going to

The enthusiasm is real and it’s building. Help us keep it going. Contribute today.

Thank you!

Congressman Ron Paul

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