Bin Laden Expert: Ron Paul is Correct

Michael Scheuer probably knows what motivates islamic terrorists (particularly Bin Laden) better than anyone in the United States. The 22-year veteran of the CIA is the former head analyst at the CIA’s Bin Laden unit.

Scheuer recently told Anti-War radio the following:

“I thought Mr. Paul captured it the other night exactly correctly. This war is dangerous to America because it’s based, not on gender equality, as Mr. Giuliani suggested, or any other kind of freedom, but simply because of what we do in the Islamic World – because ‘we’re over there,’ basically, as Mr. Paul said in the debate.”

I also recently heard a retired three star Army general say the same thing. When I get the audio or a transcript, I’ll post it.

BTW, this is yet another expert (and a Republican-leaning expert at that) saying that Paul is right, Giuliani is wrong. So we’re still waiting for an apology Rudy!

2 Responses to “Bin Laden Expert: Ron Paul is Correct”

  1. Munaeem Says:

    Americans always support dictators. The aid given by American government is pocketed by American sycophant. IF you people want to end the evil influence of Bin laden . You people will have to reach to poor people in the Islamic world.

  2. Ron Says:

    You have my vote

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