Libertarianism & Conservatism

Ronald ReaganA common attack I hear on Ron Paul is that he isn’t really a Republican and shouldn’t be in the debates. (Never mind that he has caucused with the Republicans in Congress during four different decades).

Some say that he is really a Democrat while others claim he should be excluded for being a libertarian.

Those calling Paul a Democrat are just plain ignorant… he’s clearly the most conservative on taxes, spending, the Constitution, limited government and so many other issues. Can you imagine any Democrat wanting to abolish the IRS?

Meanwhile, to those that say that he should be excluded for being too libertarian, I thought maybe this quote from conservative super-star Ronald Reagan will jog their memory:

“I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism.”

Is Ronald Reagan too libertarian for the Republican party?

3 Responses to “Libertarianism & Conservatism”

  1. Hyrum Berg Says:

    Thanks for showing those lost Republican candidates the way back home to conservatism. Would you consider Newt as a running mate? I don’t think any other Republicans could even come close to sharing your principles.

  2. Christy Says:

    I’ve seen quite a considerable amount of the “he’s a libertarian”, “he’s a democrat”, “he’s a constitutionalist”, blather over and over. What the people who are making these claims fail to recognize is that perhaps Ron Paul is the right amount of each of these things. Thus, he crosses over into the best each party has to offer.

  3. Hyrum Berg Says:

    I think that if Ron was going to be put into a category it would be constitutionalist. That is why he is part Democrat and part Republican, because those parties uphold parts of the constitution but not all. For example the Republicans uphold gun rights and economic freedoms(kinda) and Democrats uphold peoples right to choose their own lifestyle(kinda). I say kinda because I think they say the support those rights but they don’t always show it. But Ron Paul is a true supporter of the constitution and that is why he does not fit in with any parties.

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