Video Flashback: Ron Paul with John Stossel

Way back when, Ron Paul was still against military adventurism…

and he was right then too.

3 Responses to “Video Flashback: Ron Paul with John Stossel”

  1. Rudy Says:

    Who is this man? And why is he trying to save my country?

    Great find!

  2. curtis Says:

    (Way back) When Stossel interviewed Ron Paul, I was just starting to hear about him. From that point on, I looked up to Ron Paul as the only one in Washington who was working for us. And besides Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, or Libertarian candidates (like Michael Badnarik), Ron Paul is the only other one I would vote for to be our President. Stossel started off his coverage saying that when the vote is 435 to 1, that one is always Ron Paul. That says it all. He’s the only one there who always stands up for us.

  3. George Says:

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