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Ron Paul Campaign Grows

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

As Ron Paul rockets into first in internet traffic, his campaign has now outgrown his office.

As someone who has actually been to Ron Paul’s current headquarters, frankly I’m suprised they have lasted this long in that tiny space. It basically is the size of my front porch and the easiest way to enter was to go through a small grocery mart.

But fortunately Kent Snyder reports that they have found a larger place nearby:

The Ron Paul 2008 campaign started in the corner of a one-bedroom apartment. It then moved to a small office of 348 square feet, which is where we are now. But our present office has become too small to accommodate the fast-growing campaign…and we need your help to expand.

Our present office is so small that we can’t hire the much-needed additional staff for a national campaign. We even have to turn away volunteers because we simply don’t have room for them.

Office space in the D.C. area is expensive, and landlords expect tenants to sign at least a three-year lease; preferably a five-year lease. But after we canvassed the area by foot and called numerous leasing agents and watched the local classifieds and checked CraigsList each day, we found a place! It’s a sub-lease situation with flexible terms that we just couldn’t pass up.

We will have the second floor of a modest, older, two-story building in Arlington, Virginia. It’s only two blocks from a Metro station, making it convenient for staff and volunteers. The office is on a busy street; across from a very busy grocery store. Large windows will be perfect for a “Ron Paul 2008″ banner! But most importantly, the new office will give us the space to build a national campaign.

However, office space here is expensive regardless of how modest the building is. And most landlords require political campaigns to pay the total rent in advance.

So we need your help.

We plan to move on July 15th. To do so, we will need to give the landlord a check for $54,000.00.

Will you help us write that check?

Enthusiasm for Ron Paul’s bid for the presidency grows by the day. Our goal: put Ron Paul in the White House. And we all know why.

Help us write that check. Donate today by going to

Thank you!

Kent Snyder, Chairman
Ron Paul 2008

Ron Paul, Cell Phones and Polling

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

In the Agora provides some evidence that traditional polling leaves out younger voters (who are likely Paul supporters):

This Pew Research Center survey is perhaps the most comprehensive to date in working to determine what impact this has on polling data. The Pew survey found that cell-phone-only Americans are disproportionately younger, less affluent, less likely to be married or to own their home, and more liberal on many political questions. Yet “the absence of this group from traditional telephone surveys has only a minimal impact on the results.”

Notably, the Pew survey was conducted over a year ago, and the percentage of those now cell-phone-only has nearly doubled in that time. Perhaps a new study using the same techniques would reveal a different conclusion. Either way, though, “minimal impact” is in fact significant in the context of primary polling, where even a couple percentage points can make or break a candidate’s future.

Although Rep. Ron Paul is essentially libertarian, many of his positions - opposition to the Iraq war, greater civil liberties, etc. - would traditionally be defined as “liberal” in the lexicon of some members of the press. And voters (particularly younger ones) who align with those positions would seem to be the very people Ron Paul counts among his most ardent supporters.

John Fund on Ron Paul

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

In the subscription only Wall Street Journal Political Diary John Fund writes the following about efforts to exclude Ron Paul from the June 30 Iowa Forum being hosted by Iowans for Tax Relief and the Iowa Christian Alliance:

There was a brief effort to exclude Texas Congressman Ron Paul from future GOP debates after he used a South Carolina event to criticize U.S. foreign policy as a contributing factor to the 9/11 attacks. The expulsion effort wisely died down when its organizer, GOP State Chairman Saul Anuzis of Michigan, realized (as he later told me) “we were helping Ron Paul by giving him publicity.”

You’d think the lesson would have been learned. But it appears that organizers of a forthcoming presidential forum in Iowa on June 30 have decided Mr. Paul will not be welcome. Six other candidates, ranging from Mitt Romney to Tom Tancredo, will be speaking.

Iowans for Tax Relief and the Iowa Christian Alliance are important groups in Iowa politics and their membership includes a large number of faithful presidential caucus attendees. It seems passing strange why they wouldn’t want Mr. Paul after cable networks such as CNN, Fox and MSNBC had included him in their debates. ABC also plans to include him in its upcoming debate in Des Moines on August 5. Lew Moore, Mr. Paul’s Iowa campaign manager, sought an explanation from the Iowa forum’s organizers but was rebuffed. He says he was simply told Mr. Paul wouldn’t be allowed to participate. Other callers have been told that Mr. Paul has “fringe type” support and isn’t a factor in the caucuses.

Hmmm…. Despite his controversial views, Mr. Paul was tied for sixth place in the Republican field in last week’s Wall Street Journal/NBC national poll (he had 2%), and was ahead of several other candidates who’ve been invited to the June 30 forum. What makes his exclusion all the stranger is that Mr. Paul just placed second behind Fred Thompson in a straw poll of National Taxpayers Union members at the group’s annual convention in Washington. One of the key organizers of the NTU event was none other than Iowans for Tax Relief, the co-sponsor of the forum that is excluding Mr. Paul.

None of this makes any sense. Pettiness is a natural component of politics, but when practiced in the Internet age it is quickly exposed and a price exacted. Whatever the beef the organizers of the Iowa event have with Mr. Paul, I doubt it will be worth the adverse publicity they will get by excluding him.

One thing Fund should have pointed out but didn’t, is that Iowans for Tax Relief’s head Ed Failor was working with the George Pataki campaign and is working with and actively supporting John McCain’s campaign. Failor by the way, is quoted in the Des Moins Register as saying Ron Paul candidacy is “not credible” (but presumably that Tommy Thompson’s is, since he was invited).

Also, if you still haven’t contacted you should do so here and ask them to invite Ron Paul.

[Update: Thomas Woods gives us a better email address for contacting Iowans for Tax Relief's Ed Failor.]

Video: Ron Paul on Bloomberg

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

Ron Paul Barred from Iowa Forum

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

When the media ignores Ron Paul it is no suprise… but when self proclaimed conservatives ignore him it is truly repulsive:

On Saturday, June 30th, in Des Moines, Iowans for Tax Relief and the Iowa Christian Alliance will hold a presidential candidates forum. Present will be Messrs. Romney, Brownback, Gilmore, Huckabee, Thompson, and Tancredo. Ron Paul will not be there because he has been barred.

Contact these people and ask them why Ron paul is not invited?

Edward Failor
Iowans for Tax Relief
2610 Park Avenue
Muscatine, Iowa 52761
Phone: 563-288-3600 or 877-913-3600
Fax: 563-264-2413

Steve Sheffler, President
Iowa Christian Alliance
939 Office Park Road, Suite 115
West Des Moines, Iowa 50265
Phone: 515-225-1515
Fax: 515-225-1826

If you find out anything let me know.

Ron Paul Cover(age)

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

Dr. Paul is on the cover of this week’s American Conservative Magazine:

Ron Paul American Conservative Magazine

You can read the entire article here, but here’s the money quote:

What is the purpose of Ron Paul’s candidacy for the presidency of the United States? Some longshots run because their egos demand it. Others want to raise their lecture fees. Some run because they have plenty of money and nothing better to do. Following a flood of viewer requests, the Texas congressman recently appeared on Fox News to explain himself. His answer was buoyant though laconic: “I want to be president because I have this dream. I’d like to reinstate the Constitution and restore the Republic.” His answer was also revolutionary.

Paul’s doggedness in advancing the causes of individual responsibility and limited government could intimidate almost anyone who clings to the label “conservative” or “libertarian.” Perhaps that is why he avoids those abused designations and calls himself a “constitutionalist.” His philosophy is simple: “no government intervention, not in personal life, not in economic life, not in affairs of other nations.”

Video: Ron Paul and Ronald Reagan

Friday, June 15th, 2007

Sometimes respect for your friends means respecting the principles they stood for…

Colbert Report

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

Ron Paul is on the Colbert Report at 11:30 pm EDT tonight.

Update. Here’s the video:

Also, here’s footage of Ron Paul’s arrival at Colbert HQ: