Colbert Report

Ron Paul is on the Colbert Report at 11:30 pm EDT tonight.

Update. Here’s the video:

Also, here’s footage of Ron Paul’s arrival at Colbert HQ:

7 Responses to “Colbert Report”

  1. David Welker Says:

    Ron did an awesome job in this interview. Wish he had more time to explain why he would get
    rid of those departments (I’ve done my research on him and know its because he thinks those
    powers should be up to the states), but its time for all of us to stand up and get Ron Paul
    into office! Go Ron Paul!

  2. Dan Smithson Says:

    The best way to get Ron Paul elected is to educate people about the other candidates. Most of the other candidates are backed by the money of David Rockefeller in one way or another, and that money is being spent for the purpose of pushing forward the agenda for One World Government, which will greatly benefit international corporations.

    Let the people know which candidates belong to the Council on Foreign Relations, which advocates One World Government –

    Fred Thompson
    Rudy Giuliani
    John McCain
    Mitt Romney
    Jim Gilmore
    Newt Gingrich
    Hillary Clinton
    Barack Obama
    John Edwards
    Joe Biden
    Chris Dodd
    Bill Richardson

  3. Hyrum Says:

    Ron was very good on that show. I hope that he is able to get on more shows so more people will be enlightened.

  4. immigrant Says:

    I like Ron Paul a lot, and he did OK, but he needs to do better to widen his base.

    Abolishing all those depts makes him sound like an extremist, UNLESS he takes every chance to explain why. He should have interrupted Colbert to explain and push his point

  5. Joel Says:

    People need to see that Ron Paul is not a quack-job libertarian who wants anarchy. I think all these interviews with John Stewart and Bill Maher and such are good because they show his sense of humor and also that he’s about the only Republican who can simultaneously be the hero of both Bill Maher and Tucker Carlson!


  6. Kahotep Says:

    It was funny to watch Dr. Paul speak with a Bill “O-reeally” satirist, Colbert. Having a real conservative on the stage really helped to illustrate the hypocrisy of Bill and all of his phony socialists masquerading as “conservatives.”

    Ron Paul has done well on all of his appearances so far, his fund raising is going quite nicely, having already raised a few million dollars. His odds are definitely improving, the more public appearances he gets. Even if they don’t let him speak on the “debates” (not that anyone even watches those debates) he can get publicity elsewhere, as his ideas resonate with the hearts of most Americans.

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