Ron Paul Campaign Grows

As Ron Paul rockets into first in internet traffic, his campaign has now outgrown his office.

As someone who has actually been to Ron Paul’s current headquarters, frankly I’m suprised they have lasted this long in that tiny space. It basically is the size of my front porch and the easiest way to enter was to go through a small grocery mart.

But fortunately Kent Snyder reports that they have found a larger place nearby:

The Ron Paul 2008 campaign started in the corner of a one-bedroom apartment. It then moved to a small office of 348 square feet, which is where we are now. But our present office has become too small to accommodate the fast-growing campaign…and we need your help to expand.

Our present office is so small that we can’t hire the much-needed additional staff for a national campaign. We even have to turn away volunteers because we simply don’t have room for them.

Office space in the D.C. area is expensive, and landlords expect tenants to sign at least a three-year lease; preferably a five-year lease. But after we canvassed the area by foot and called numerous leasing agents and watched the local classifieds and checked CraigsList each day, we found a place! It’s a sub-lease situation with flexible terms that we just couldn’t pass up.

We will have the second floor of a modest, older, two-story building in Arlington, Virginia. It’s only two blocks from a Metro station, making it convenient for staff and volunteers. The office is on a busy street; across from a very busy grocery store. Large windows will be perfect for a “Ron Paul 2008″ banner! But most importantly, the new office will give us the space to build a national campaign.

However, office space here is expensive regardless of how modest the building is. And most landlords require political campaigns to pay the total rent in advance.

So we need your help.

We plan to move on July 15th. To do so, we will need to give the landlord a check for $54,000.00.

Will you help us write that check?

Enthusiasm for Ron Paul’s bid for the presidency grows by the day. Our goal: put Ron Paul in the White House. And we all know why.

Help us write that check. Donate today by going to

Thank you!

Kent Snyder, Chairman
Ron Paul 2008

4 Responses to “Ron Paul Campaign Grows”

  1. Joe Reger Says:

    It continues to grow! We’ve launched a Ron Paul survey in an attempt to get the word out and stimulate some conversation. We’d be honored if you would take the survey and post it to your blog.

    Doing so also allows your readers to respond so you’ll see how they feel as a group.

    Take care and keep up the great blogging.

    Joe Reger

  2. Hyrum Berg Says:

    I am excited to hear that he is gaining more support. The media wont say anything about him so this is exciting.

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