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For some time now I’ve felt as though I haven’t been able to give this site the attention it deserves. For example when I did some traveling recently the site didn’t have any new posts for a full 9 days… not acceptable. (I was fortunate enough on my travels to meet Ron Paul and hear him speak multiple times at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas…. more on that later.)

To fix this problem I’ll be adding some co-bloggers so that we can really get this blog going full tilt, supporting Ron Paul and spreading his message of freedom and peace.

[I'd also like reader's thoughts on the current blog design, which I'm considering changing. So in the comments let me know what you think of the current one column design.]

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  1. Ron Holland Says:

    We look forward to your blog here at and hope we can exchange links.

    Best, Ron Holland, Editor
    FreedomFest News

  2. Tawni Says:

    I did like the blog’s design more before the current one. This one is just to plane.

  3. Mike Says:

    I am trying to organize a grass roots promotional stunt.

    It involves organizing a “chain” of Ron Paul supporters from L.A. to New York.

    The idea is the same as the Olympic Torch run, where runners carry the torch from Athens Greece to wherever the games take place.

    My version is slightly different in that participants will pas s along a life-sized cut-out of Ron Paul.

    People will carry, drive, bike, sled, skie, (or whatever) the cut-out as far east as they wish.

    The goal is to have it pass through as many supporters hands as possible.

    With each person that passes Ron along, they are encouraged to sign the back and take video of their journey to post on YouTube. Participants cold have Ron passing by American or local landmarks and put whatever twist on their journey they wish.

    To start I need to organize people interested in organizing at the state level.

    What this involves is finding people to organize at the county level.

    County organizers find people at the city level.

    City organizers find individuals.

    To begin, however I would like to first focus on the state level.

    If we can’t find people at this level, no point in going deeper.

    Let me know your thoughts.

    If interested, I can be contacted at 586-778-9255

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