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Ron Paul YouTube

This week Ron Paul is featured on You Tube’s “You Choose” banner. To mark the occasion, the campaign is doing 7 videos on 7 topics so everyone can hear Ron Paul’s message of liberty, peace and hope.

Here are the first two in the series:

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  1. Campbell Says:

    Great idea to put out these videos during Paul’s focus week. I think they need to be scripted though; Dr. Paul tends to ramble in these long segments. That isn’t such a problem when it’s a live discussion, but since these vids are coming from campaign headquarters, you get all the preparation you want. Viewers EXPECT a clear and concise, if canned, response to these questions.

    I say, meet them halfway. Have a set of 3 or 4 key points for Dr. Paul to hit. Do several takes to get the clearest, most concise one. Let him speak without a word-for-word script, but have a strong direction of what points he will hammer home.

  2. Angelo Serignese, Pittsburgh, PA Says:

    To Ron Paul Supporters:

    Everything we are all doing is going to be brought to NAUGHT — if the Diebold computers being used to “count” the votes by the Iowa GOP at the Iowa Straw Poll – are used to STEAL the Straw Poll Election from Ron Paul.

    YES – despite a study from computer scientists at the University of California paid for by the Secretary of State of California – publicized in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times LAST SATURDAY (July 28, 2007) – the Iowa GOP is STILL planning to use the easily rigged Diebold computers to “count” the vote at the Straw poll!

    You see, the study showed that the Diebold computers were easily hacked, easily rigged, — and totally unreliable for conducting elections. And this is old news, several authoritative studies have already shown this from MIT, Cal Tech, Princeton University, and numerous other sources.

    Search “Diebold Princeton University” on YOUTUBE – and you can see a 9 minute demonstration. Add “FOX News” to the search – and there is another 3 minute demonstration by these scientists on FOX News.

    Citizens for a Fair Vote Count and allies are conducting a verification EXIT POLL at the Ames Straw Poll. We’re asking all Ron Paul people who vote in the Ames Straw Poll in the official election on the easily rigged Diebold Machines – to cast a second “ballot” in our exit poll. IF WE COME UP with 5000 Ron Paul exit poll ballots – the Iowa GOP better not say he only got 2000 votes! Get the point?

    WE NEED YOU! Did you see the movie BRAVEHEART??? We need the Highlanders to come down to the “battle” at Ames, Iowa on August 11, 2007 – by the hundreds – and the thousands. We need about 200 volunteers to work with our verification “exit poll” on the day of August 11 — sign up at the election reform meetup, which is at this address:

    We need 30 or 40 people donating an average of $100 to help us pay for the ballots, t-shirts, headquarters, banners, tables, chairs, etc. to make sure that Ron Paul’s vote is not stolen! Even $5 will help! Please email your contributions to paypal at: – you can also find the donate button at the above election reform meetup address. We can confront the computer votefraud issue at Ames, Iowa in a big way!

    Millions of our fellow Americans have fought and bled and died over the past 200 years for our freedoms — let’s not let Diebold and the Iowa GOP spit on their sacrifice in Ames by conducting yet another SECRET VOTE “COUNT.” Let all of us HONOR the sacrifice of all our fallen soldiers over 200 years by ENSURING AN OPEN AND HONEST VOTE COUNT.

    For more info, go to this web page for two stories:

    – one tells what happened at the Ames Straw Poll in 1995. One (A House without Doors) tells about the proven vote fraud against Pat Buchanan in the 1996 Iowa Presidential Caucuses, and how it was done. See you in Ames?

    Jim Condit Jr.
    Citizens for a Fair Vote Count;

  3. Vhan Wolfe Says:

    “Those who would give up essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither Liberty nor safety.”

    -Benjamin Franklin, 1759

    So true

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