The Push for $1,000,000

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  1. Ryan Stallings Says:

    Almost there!

    Ron Paul supporters and opponents alike - you should all read up on Dr. Paul’s views, because there is so much political “mud” flying that it’s no longer logical discussion of issues.

    One really good place to find credible information is the new site, “The Republican Evaluator.” The guy there is doing an analysis of each of the Republican Candidates, and he started with Ron Paul (more candidates to come soon). From what I read, he does a really good job of supporting every bit of his analysis, complete with quotes from Ron Paul and references.

    If nothing else, take the time to read the short section on Ron Paul and Abortion - very powerful stuff!

    Here’s the link:

  2. Kamron Farhoudi Says:

    Hello internet. I wanted to let you know about a presidential candidate by the name of Ron Paul. Ron Paul is commonly referred to by the Main Stream Media as an internet phenomenon and that real world support is not there. Well, internet, I happen to believe that you are part of the real world and I bet that there are at least one million Ron Paul supporters that view your pages daily. So I call on you and all of your computing power to summon forth one million Ron Paul supporters willing to donate $25.00. I truly believe that there are one million supporters and by reaching this goal we will have contributed 25,000,000 to Dr. Paul’s campaign.

  3. Wyoming Will Says:

    Come on people!!! All THEY are trying to do is convince you RP doesn’t have a chance and you don’t make a difference! DO NOT BELIEVE THEIR LIES!!!! DONATE!!! That is one thing they CANNOT ignore and the financial gain from all the FREE PRESS COVERING TODAY’S DONATIONS will FAR OUT WEIGH THE $$$ EARNED


  4. Randy Luxton Says:

    As a proud Canadian i iove to watch American news,up here in the far north we are always looking for a good lauph.Are all americans just a bunch of sheep. Politics affects us all and therefore is the responsibility of all. I glad to see man like Ron Paul,who in my opinion is Americas last chance for the average person. It’s time Americans wake up from there long sleep and make America the country it should be. Thanks. Randy in the Yukon Territory

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