Tea Party 07

Lets beat November 5th!

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  1. Abu Hatem Says:

    Ron Paul loving bloggers should spread the word about this as much as possible. I think that it is possible to top the old record of $4 million if enough people are organized!

  2. Ron Paul Blog » Donate Now… and Then Says:

    [...] So if you can donate now, but are waiting for a “money bomb” please donate now… and then do your best to donate again on December 17th! [...]

  3. bt Says:

    Heres a reminder on why Ron needs donations from citizens.

  4. Roger Haeske Says:

    Get gifts for contributing to Ron Paul this Sunday for the Tea Party.

    Please help spread the word. I’m looking for more people, or websites to contribute gifts.

    Here’s the link to see what I’m talking about and to get your gifts:


    Please spread the word, Roger Haeske

  5. laura jennings Says:

    What is the current total? How can we keep track of it?!?!

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