DEA Propaganda

The following is word for word from one of the DEA’s website many propaganda websites:

A word about prohibition: lots of you hear the argument that alcohol prohibition failed—so why are drugs still illegal? Prohibition did work. Alcohol consumption was reduced by almost 60% and incidents of liver cirrhosis and deaths from this disease dropped dramatically (Scientific American, 1996, by David Musto). Today, alcohol consumption is over three times greater than during the Prohibition years. Alcohol use is legal, except for kids under 21, and it causes major problems, especially in drunk driving accidents.

It’s up to you to get the facts. To know the difference between fact and fiction. To think twice.

It’d almost be funny if the government wasn’t spending billions of dollars to lock up millions of people using this flawed reasoning.

3 Responses to “DEA Propaganda”

  1. xyz Says:

    I would be willing to guess that the reason that the statistics showed a 60% reduction is that it was impossible to take accurate statistics, in other words, the survey was horribly biased. No one in their right mind would have honestly answered. How could you have known that the survey takers weren’t undercover cops?

  2. someone Says:

    The Netherlands

    Proponents of legalization almost certainly would cite Amsterdam as the drug Mecca of the Western world. Anyone may go into the restaurants in this city and order marijuana and hash from a menu; further, heroin and cocaine have been decriminalized for all practical purposes. The police simply leave the users alone. Consequently, health officials estimate that Amsterdam has 7,000 addicts, 20% of whom are foreigners. These addicts are responsible for 80% of all property crime in the city, thus necessitating that Amsterdam maintain a police presence far greater than those of cities of comparable size in the United States.

  3. Bill Hoover Says:

    The idea that the drug addict is not harming anyone but himself is fallacious. Drug use leads to mental and physical problems which cause the addict to become a burden on the state. They will also lead to child neglect, inability to work and manic states which may cause the addict to become violent to others.
    We already see similar things with alcohol, a perfectly legal substance.
    Ron Paul’s logic is flawed for once.

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