The Revolution: A Manifesto

I was fortunate to get my hands on an early version Dr. Paul’s “The Revolution: A Manifesto” almost two months ago. The book is a magnificent, concise, compelling… a approachable yet radical call for peace and freedom.

The book is officially released today and is currently number one on

The most hopeful thing about Paul’s run for the Whit House is the support from young Americans that Dr. Paul received. So it should be no surprise that this is the perfect book for young Americans fresh out of high school or college.

Buy 5 copies, two for you and three to give away.

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  1. smokinsuzy Says:

    Well i had to wait almost 20 mins at the Clearwater Barnes and Noble last Thursday for the new release: Ron Paul: A Manifesto. No one could tell me where the books were and one salesperson even told me they had sold out. When I told her I saw they had 8 copies in stock on their own computer, she shrugged her shoulders.

    To sum things up, they had 3 salespeople looking and a manager running around telling me they should be ” a new release high priority and supposed to be prominently displayed.” …I found myself getting more and more peeved by the minute as I was standing by the new release political section looking at stacks and stacks of books by Obama, Clinton, Steven Colbert, Sean Hannity etc….all very prominently displayed. They were stacked high with one on the top in a portrait fashion….grrr..

    After nearly 20 minutes, the first girl came up from the back room carrying,….. you guess it!~~all 8 copies!! I was told they only got in 8 copies (hard to believe). If this is true then why are they in the back room after a little over a week after it hit the shelves. I had my husband go by there that day after work and see if they were on the shelves and he was told they had sold out. I dont know what to make of this. I have to wonder if this is happening in other cities too.

    Concerned in Clearwater..

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