It’s Official: The Enemy Is Peace

Tonight’s 60 Minutes had a feature on the Army’s Ray Gun.  

The Army put on a demonstration for CBS’s news magazine.  Following an Army spokesman speaking about the weapon’s usefulness against enemies and terrorists, Sixty Minutes cut to a demonstration of the weapon.  

The targets of the demonstration were soldiers who were dressed up as protesters holding signs advocating peace, including: ”Go Home”; ”Peace Not War”; ”Love for All”; ”World Peace”

So I guess it is official, the military views peace as the enemy.

One Response to “It’s Official: The Enemy Is Peace”

  1. Heather D Says:

    I wish I could say that what you’ve posted is shocking, but it’s confirmation of what I have come to expect. I am still hopeful that the majority of the military personnel would not obey any order that authorized them to use force against the American populace. As my husband is a former Marine, I am acquainted with many who would ignore an order such as that. When did peace become such a radical idea?

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