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I also had a similar experience with Jeff Frederick.  A couple of weeks ago, I sent him the following email:


I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading your well-written email today.  Your message was right on point, and you have my support for RPV Chairman.  I appreciate the commitment and humility that you have expressed in your campaign, and wish you best of luck at the convention.

I also hope that in your efforts to grow the ranks of the RPV, you will welcome supporters of Ron Paul with open arms.  I believe that the future strength of the Republican party will come from embracing young, passionate conservatives, and that will only come from keeping a big tent.

Best of luck on the 31st.


Jonathan Bydlak
Former Director of Fundraising,
Ron Paul 2008

While I won’t paste Jeff’s response here, he assured me that he wishes to welcome everyone who shares our beliefs with open arms into the party.  He agreed that strict constitutionalism and limited government are values that we need to make prominent again in the Republican party, and even offered that we’ve become similar to the Democrats when it comes to being the party of smaller government!  Based on this limited experience, I believe that Jeff recognizes that the libertarian wing of the Republican party needs to be courted if Republicans are to continue winning elections.

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  1. Heather D Says:

    That sounds like some positive news; thanks for sharing your email.

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