Major Announcement Tonight In Texas

Tonight Ron Paul will giving a speech “of great importance” at the Texas GOP convention.

JustinTV will stream it live , so do your best to tune in:

Watch live video from Ron Paul 2008 on

UPDATE: Lew Rockwell has the details of the announcement:

Tonight, at a campagn rally adjacent to the Texas state Republican convention in Houston, he will thank all his donors and volunteers, and announce that he is closing down his presidential campaign, and is no longer a candidate for president.

But Ron will still hold his grand rally in Minneapolis on September 2–where he will NOT endorse McCain–and continue his efforts to change the Republican party. He will also, more importantly, step up his educational work for Americans in all walks of life, and all ages from home schoolers to seniors, in the principles of freedom, peace, sound money, Austrian economics, and the free market. Ron’s special targets, as always, will be the warfare state, the Federal Reserve, and the income tax.

Ron will continue to speak on college campuses. And with his own TV studios in Arlington, VA, and Clute, TX, he will also be a frequent commentator on YouTube and many other venues about the outrages of the central government, and what to do about them. His book, The Revolution: A Manifesto, remains on the bestseller list, and he is already working on his next one.

The successor organization to Ron’s presidential campaign and its remaining $4.7 million is his Campaign for Liberty.

And ABC has an article up.

4 Responses to “Major Announcement Tonight In Texas”

  1. Heather D Says:

    I have spent the last hour or so perusing the internet to try to figure out if the rumors about Dr. Paul dropping out tonight were true, and finding this confirmation on your blog, I am now convinced. I’m not new to the problems this nation faces, and my determination to right the wrongs will continue beyond this election. I’ve known for a long time that this day had to come… But I am disappointed that this information was apparently leaked to the press prior to Dr. Paul having the opportunity to tell his supporters himself.

    In my opinion, it is a very sad day when we can’t allow Dr. Paul, a man with the humility, dogged determination, and dedication to liberty that is unequaled by anyone else I have ever heard of, to have the right to update his troops in the time and place of his choosing. It almost feels like he has been betrayed, but maybe I am being melodramatic. Anyway, Dr. Paul will always be a hero of mine; he has been my hero for at least 13 years…. Onward with the revolution.

    By the way, it is not my intent to accuse anyone on this blog of leaking this information; I have no idea who it was that spoke to the press, nor do I know for a fact that it was against Dr. Paul’s wishes. I appreciate the hard work that all of those who work on this blog have done and will continue to do for the revolution.

  2. Patrick Semmens Says:

    If you read the ABC article you’ll see that Dr. Paul’s campaign spokesman (and my former colleague) Jesse Benton is extensively quoted. He wouldn’t have done so if Dr. Paul had wished otherwise.

    Also, don’t assume that everything was revealed already… you should still tune into hear exactly what Dr. Paul has to say.

  3. Heather D Says:


    Thanks for that clarification. My whole family will absolutely be watching tonight.

  4. Heather D Says:


    I am very sad to say that we had severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings strike just as everything was getting going at the rally. I missed the entire thing. Any word on when a video will be available?

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