Welcome Justine Lam

RonPaulBlog.com would like to welcome its newest contributor, Justine Lam.

Justine was the eCampaign director for Ron Paul 2008, and played a critical role in the campaign’s unprecedented success harnessing the Ron Paul grassroots online and┬áraising money online. ┬áJustine was also recently named a Rising Star by Politics magazine:

 Prior to her role on Republican Rep. Ron Paul’s presidential campaign, Justine Lam had never worked for a politician-and she’s not sure she ever will again. “It was about the ideas and the message from the get-go,” she says. After college, Lam spent a few years in the non-profit world. She met Paul in 2004, while she worked at George Mason University’s Institute of Humane Studies. Looking back, did she ever envision herself working for a candidate even then? “Never, ever, ever, never,” she says firmly. But Paul was a different kind of politician, and Lam says he spoke to her political philosophy. As the campaign’s second hire, she was tasked with setting up most of the traditional campaign infrastructure, but in her free time she would scan the social networking sites and read the blogs. “He had a lot of support online, and it only made sense to use that.” Lam developed online strategies that encouraged supporters to network and raise money outside of the campaign’s website. The result: a record for the most money ever raised by a candidate online in a single day, and arguably the most successful netroots campaign in political history. Lam says she’s been approached by the Republican National Committee and other GOP groups inquiring about her post-Ron Paul plans. “Something has to really appeal to me emotionally for me to do it,” she says.

As someone who worked with Justine, I know I’m looking forward to reading her insights.

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  1. lwogan Says:

    Justine is amazing! I worked as the campaign’s communications coordinator in Illinois, and she was lightening quick in terms of responsiveness to those of us out in the field! I truly don’t know what I’d have done without her. And, I totally agree with her outlook on a future in politics. As much fun as it was publicizing Ron Paul’s campaign in IL, I do believe it was an anomaly. He’s a tough act to follow, that’s for sure.

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