Dems on Torture… What’s That?

I watched most of the primetime speeches from the Democratic Convention and I was struck by the same thing as Eugene Robinson, who asked why the Democrats won’t talk about the illegal torture that has been going on during the Bush Administration.

In this clip, Pat Buchanan says if you want to hear any talk about that, you’ll have to go to Ron Paul’s convention:


Thank goodness for Pat.

2 Responses to “Dems on Torture… What’s That?”

  1. Fred Says:

    Yes, thank goodness for Pat Buchanan. We protectionists will never compromise with free traders, you guys seem to forget a Civil War was fought over this very issue, and we won.

    Libertarian free trade stubbornness will continue to get socialists (democrats) elected for generations to come. It is you who will compromise.

  2. steven andresen Says:

    I’m not sure whether torture authorized and performed by the Bush administration was mentioned in the speeches, or on the floor, during the Dem convention. whether there was such a discussion or mention during the convenmtion, is one question. I know that the issue of torture, as well as a consideration of as many abuses as we can think of are discussed by democrats and progressives, aka leftists, all the time.

    You can go to Glenn Greenwald’s blog at to hear a detailed discussion of torture, FISA, habeous corpus, and other issues we should note.

    If there was no mention of torture, and I would not be surprised, I would suspect that the speakers are embarrased by their own culpability in allowing torture through their lack of proper oversight, or maybe even their agreement in its use.

    Yes we don’t like torture. But dems are apparently confused about that as well as republicans. I suppose there has to be a more effective argument that it is beyond the pale in a democracy.

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