Classic Ron Paul

Ron Paul on Cavuto:

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  1. DetectiveKrum Says:

    What about the UK’s B&B bank failing and assets may be purchased by among others, HSBC. HSBC just laid off 1,100 people to cut costs on one hand and potentially buying assets of a failing UK bank named B&B. As for American banks, I have started listing American bank ratings on: and many Florida banks are in trouble. There are potentially (4) banks in Ocala, Florida alone that might fail and they have received either a D, E or F rating. If depositors don’t look at their own bank, they may find themselves in a line like the pictures of IndyMac.
    Personally, I supported Dr. Ron Paul for president and worked to help his campaign. Dr. Paul was the only candidate that saw this mess coming and sounded the alarm onto deaf ears. What a shame.

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