A Victory!

At least for now, the bailout has been put down.

And on Mises’ birthday.

4 Responses to “A Victory!”

  1. Detective Krum Says:

    Yes, this is a victory however, now the arm twisting of Congress heats up, the corporate media will try to make people feel guilty by false scare tactics, the stock market may deliberately manipulate the market to bail out their buddies. We need to stand firm, keep pressuring congress to stand against bailouts - instead CUT SPENDING and drill now while putting a comprehensive energy package together and remove the federal reserve from America forever. People need to call or email thanking and encouraging those who voted against the bailout. Let’s have real wealth in America not credit which makes the federal reserve rich.

    Citi National Bank is being reported in trouble. Banks in Illinois, Texas, Florida and Arizona (Arizona posted tomorrow) which are in jeopardy of failing at http://victory1project.wordpress.com/ so people need to move their money to safer banks, gold and silver.

  2. Heather D Says:

    I emailed and called my reps right up until the vote. I watched the “debate” on the floor this morning, and sat on the edge of my seat throughout the vote. I’m still in a state of shock.

    The phone calls and emails must continue, as the media is working really hard to convince us that we have unwittingly hurt ourselves by telling our reps to vote no. The fat lady has not began singing yet. If we remain vigilant we can kill this thing altogether.

    Good job patriots!

  3. Brentburk Says:

    Can you have “Campaign4liberty.com” link to the official site? Paul is under the impression it already does.

  4. Detective Krum Says:

    Now the Senate has made a move to try and slip their bailout plan through on Wednesday 10/1/08. Phone calls need to be made and emails to stop this plan. When 86% of the country opposes this plan, why is Congress hell bent on going against the people?
    Stocks would continue to recover if they would let the market work things out on its own. Let the banks fail that will - just did a comparison to two Florida banks because Bank of Coral Gables wasn’t their name removed from the list posted at:

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