If Only…

Given that Dr. Paul was the only Republican presidential candidate who warned us about this economic mess we were creating, I can’t help thinking about what could have been, had the time table on this economic disaster become apparent while the primary was still going.

Imagine if the bailout bill came before Congress a year ago, or even last December, January or February.  Dr. Paul would likely have been the only candidate opposing the bailout. At the very least we wouldn’t have ended up with McCain, who is a self professed economic idiot, and who was calling for lower interest rates (i.e. printing more money and issuing more credit) throughout the campaign.

If only…

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  1. DiverCity Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. I still keep Ron Paul’s campaign sign in my yard as a protest of sorts. I certainly won’t be voting for bipsy or bopsy — man, we’re screwed.

  2. Detective Krum Says:

    No sense looking back - look forward. Two points of interest:
    1. A western hemisphere travel document: Yep Canada, America, Mexico see it here: http://www.getyouhome.gov/

    2. SunTrust Bank is putting out misleading information regarding their financial strength, see it here: http://victory1project.wordpress.com/

  3. Detective Krum Says:

    News Flash -
    Date: 10/02/2008
    Time: 8:09 PM
    Where: C-Span
    Who: Representative Brad Sherman (Dem) 27th District California

    News: Rep. Brad Sherman apparently voted against the first bailout and stated on C-Span those who voted against the bailout bill from the House the first time were spoken to privately and told if they “do not vote for the bailout on Friday, Marshall Law will be instilled.” Obtain a copy from C-Span, or replay.

    Verified and Confirmed-Detective Krum

  4. DiverCity Says:

    Detective Krum:

    Link, please, as I looked and can’t find it and I’m becoming quite skeptical of your claim.

  5. DiverCity Says:

    I should have never doubted you, Detective: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaG9d_4zij8

  6. DetectiveKrum Says:

    Thanks Diver City

  7. Jerry Hammond Says:

    If Only:

    1. Everyone understood the Mechanics allowing the Fed to control everything. Corporate Municipalities?

    2. Everyone understood the goals that the powers that be are trying to achieve. A controled-by-the-Bank World Government?

    3. Everyone understood who the powers that be are. Owners of the Federal Reserve Corporation.

    Let’s do something. Let’s try un-incoporating our local town. The town’s finances would be handled within a trust whose trustees are bonded elected officials. The town’s finances would no longer be subject to any Federal, State or County Municipal Coporate control. Our town’s legal staff could prosecute any other entity illegally claiming jurisdiction to impose or collect unwarranted taxes, duties and fees from our Sovereign citizens within the city. The State and Federal income taxes would have to disappear as applied to the average worker and shop keeper. The money saved for the citizen is available for local, fair, taxation and can be more locally controled. Under “Fundamental Law” (the Constitution) we would be able to circulate any currancy of our choice without adhereing to any “Revised Statute” mandates from the Fed, State or County.

    I believe we must breakdown Federal control by un-incorporating all municipal Corporations and returning Sovereignty to the citizen and his Town, his County and his State.

  8. coolretirement Says:

    Obviously someone forgot what Ross Perot said on his Presidental run in 1992.. However Jerry I think your misunderstood on #3 Everyone understood who the powers that be are. Are you sure about it. I think you need to investigate the Freemasons and their power influences. Really How did Alex Jones Figure out 911 was an inside Job Long before it Happened. Now theres a question these Paulie supporters can ask since Jones is one of his biggest endorsers

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