Down the Ballot

Compared to the Presidential race, where I’m reluctant to vote at all, voting down the ballot is a breeze.

Here are the “choices” I’m faced with. And here are my picks:

Senate: Warner will run away with this, so a vote for Libertarian candidate Redpath is easy even though I know nothing about him except for the L next to his name. ( I do want to see the Republicans be able to hold a filibuster in the Senate, so if Gilmore had a chance I might consider him.)

House: I’m not a fan of the Republican Mark Ellmore who knocked Ron Paul-endorsed candidate Amit Singh out of the primary with some dirty tricks. Incumbent Democrat Jim Moran will win easily but is lousy too, so I’ll probably just write-in Singh.

County Board: From what I’ve been told, a while ago my antagonistic neighbor tried unsuccessfully to solicit support for a zoning ordinance making it difficult to host gatherings at my house (and others). I have no doubt his goal was to shut down my well-attended annual St. Patrick’s Day party. His house has a sign on its lawn for the Green candidate, so I’ll vote for his only opponent, even though its the incumbent Democrat.

School Board: Ugh, two uncontested Democrat incumbents. One year I’ll run for school board on a “no kids, slash the budget” platform.

Ballot Questions: For my voting today, I’m most enthusiastic about voting against the local ballot questions here in Arlington, Virginia. I’ll be happily voting against borrowing over $170 million for the four bond questions on the Metro, “Community Infrastructure,” utilities and schools. I’ll also reject the creation of a Housing Authority. If I was in Massachusetts, I would take particular pleasure in voting to eliminate the state income tax.

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  1. Usdating Says:

    I’ve made it to the end. Thanks for putting it together. Lots of things I didn’t know. BOOKMARKED!

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