Saul Anuzis’ Returns

According to the Wall Street Journal’s Political Diary (subscription only) Saul Anuzis, the Michigan GOP Chair who famously wanted Ron Paul barred from all GOP debates, is campaigning for the RNC chairmanship:

On the Republican side, the jockeying to replace current GOP Chairman Mike Duncan has begun. Mr. Duncan has been a competent administrator and fundraiser but the widely perceived need for new blood in the wake of the party’s second consecutive drubbing at the polls makes him unlikely to be re-elected.

Several candidates are lining up to replace him. Michigan GOP State Chairman Saul Anuzis is actively campaigning on a platform of reinvigorating the party’s grass roots and returning to basic conservative principles. South Carolina Party Chairman Kalton Dawson is touting his fundraising abilities as he rounds up votes among fellow RNC members.

But several insiders believe the next RNC chairman must have some star power and an ability to get on national talk shows at a time when the new Obama administration will dominate media coverage. Former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, now chairman of the GOPAC conservative training academy, is allowing friends to make calls on his behalf. Mr. Steele is already a fixture on cable TV news shows and well known in Washington D.C. conservative circles.

But some Republicans are touting someone with an even bigger media profile — former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

According to another article, Anuzis “wants the party to invest in the latest technology to reach young voters and to expand the GOP message to more voters” and says “the party needs to do a better job of using the latest technology to raise money.”

So a year and a half after Anuzis demanded Ron Paul kicked out, he says the GOP needs to do a better job reaching young voters and using the “latest technology” (i.e. the internet) to raise money. Irony anyone?

4 Responses to “Saul Anuzis’ Returns”

  1. Chuckypita Says:

    Michigan GOP State Chairman Saul Anuzis is a piece of hot garbage. I don’t mean to come across so stern and unforgiving, but let’s get serious here. The guy dropped the ball big time with Ron Paul - and I’ll remember.

    If a guy like him gets even more power and control, the Republican base will continue to deteriorate.

    Ron Paul is flat WINNING. The Campaign for Liberty is the drum march that will always go on.

    Don’t let that punk Anuzis anywhere near the top. He doesn’t understand the Proper Role of Government.

  2. paul Says:

    Future Police State Emerges on Prop 8 Protest (11.08.08)

  3. paul Says:

    Ron Paul’s Message of Freedom

  4. Bryantim Says:

    Copy and paste this article to your republican representative(s). This guy is all for open borders, forced intregation and fighting endless wars for Israel. A traitor!

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