David Nolan on the LP

Libertarian Party founder David Nolan has some interesting thoughts on the future of the Libertarian Party.

He sharply criticizes the job done by the Bob Barr campaign and calls for a re-radicalization of the LP.

Here are my thoughts on voting and the Barr campaign:

I ended up pulling the lever for Bob Barr, even though not voting on principle is also very appealing. Sure Barr’s campaign hasn’t been able to capitalize on the enthusiasm of the Paul campaign, and some of the campaign’s decisions have been quite questionable. (I’m thinking specifically of the decision to stiff Ron Paul while Campaign Manager Russ Verney was writing in praise of George Bush’s post-9/11 “leadership” - you know, the “leadership” that got us into Iraq, failed to make any reform in social security, authorized torture, spied on Americans, etc.)

Still, for most Americans who don’t even realize that Bob Barr is on the ballot, a vote for him is just a generic libertarian protest vote, which is exactly what I want it to stand for.

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  1. Mark Gailey aka LibertyFelix Says:

    Thanks for the post David! I agree. My vote for Barr was more for Kentucky’s progress toward ballot access relief. I was very unimpressed with Barr and Verney.

    Even more need for re-radicalization is needed at LP Hq where dedicated advocate Bill Redpath is leading us down the road to socialism with his policy refusal to hire any petitioners or other general laborers who do not capitulate to the alleged mandatory volunteerism of participating in Social Security.

    While I appreciate the tireless efforts of Redpath, he has allowed the corruption of his vocation to taint party business decisions. I have done extensive research regarding the use of 1099s without any SS# and find it is completely protected by the Privacy/Paperwork Reduction Act and methods are laid out in the codes as to indemnify the party or any entity dealing with such dynamics. Why is LP Headquarters and its counsel unwilling to dicuss this research and the appropriateness of their policies?

    I hearby call on all state LP officers to withhold National membership dues until this issue is resolved. Please follow my lead and support the clarification of Libertarian Party support of forced socialism.
    Mark Gailey
    Libertarian Party of Kentucky
    At-Large Representative to the
    LPK Executive Committee

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