CNBC: Time For The Chicago Tea Party

CNBC correspondant says it’s time for a good old fasion revolt. Here’s the best 5 minutes of television I’ve seen in a while.

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  1. limopromoter Says:

    What about the compensation for Limo Bob concerning the burnt limo for the campaign?

    Amount due to Robert Strauser & Sean M. Kettledon

    $360,000.00 = Verbal commitment for a 1 year tour for RON PAUL for President.
    $ 36,000.00 = 10% Tip due to Charles the chauffeur for the 1 year tour.
    $250,000.00 = Replacement Price to replace the Phantom 55 Limo. (Burnt).
    $ 400.00 = LB Paid to Charles for his drivers balance due.
    $ 300.00 = LB paid staff in Florida
    $ N/C = LB paid for hotels, dinner, and expenses to make tour happen.
    $ T.B.D? = Loss of potential Income.
    $646,700.00 = Total amount due! + Loss of income…..?

    This is what happens when you have your PRO’s fix things? as you call them, remember how you bragged about fixing the circuit board in the rear of the limo. (You may wish to get the info on the service place that you used to help you play with the circuit board under the seat.) The liability may fall on them for the fire?

    We stripped most of your decal off the limo and was on our way to a BIG Event, when the limo burnt entirely, the fire dept came and the fire was so hot, it melted the glass. Thank God my posse and I weren’t in the vehicle for the photo shoot. the vehicle was on its way to meet us to film for worldwide magazines and TV in Chicago, we were 45 minutes away form being toast! By the grace of GOD, it burnt on the way to picking us up. This was the first time the limo went on any trip, it was parked after it was on your tour.

  2. limohire Says:


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