Peter Schiff Explains the Economy

CNBC really should devote an hour to airing this speech in its entirety. In it Schiff explains, in a jargon-free manner, what went wrong with the economy, why the central planners are mostly to blame, and what is likely to come next.

2 Responses to “Peter Schiff Explains the Economy”

  1. Smack MacDougal Says:

    Jargon free “manor”? Where can I find this manor?

    Oh, jargon-free manner as in method, way, etc.

  2. Johny 2 Fee Says:

    Hey! I live at Jargon Manor. I know that management never cleans the leaves out of the rain gutters so we have water damage, and our swimming pool still smells like that dead guy who drown in it 2 summers ago, , but it’s where I live gosh darnit!

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