Magical Obama

Obama has pledged to cut the deficit in half by the end of his term… Can anyone look at this graph and think he’ll actually do it?


By the way, it’s worth noting that the chart was made before another $.9 billion in deficit spending.

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  1. scotttreaty Says:

    Presidential Candidate needs To Start Campaigning NOW

    Whoever exposes the Dodd/Obama connection to AIG; the nominations by Obama of friends who failed to pay their taxes (without being against the whole taxation system); Obama’s dissing of special Olympics on the Tonight Show, and reveals the “same-ole-same-ole” in DC will have a great chance for a shot at presidency next election.
    While the media continues to back the governmental corporation puppets, a new candidate can capitalize on the above mentioned facts and while Americans struggle, exposure to the reality can have an immense effect. One just has to look at how Obama himself was elected – a feat thought not possible in this lifetime – to understand that when people are frustrated and losing money – anyone can win (the reality of greed).

  2. Impeach Obama Says:

    How magical does Obama look now?

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