The Ron Paul of Britain?

Truth telling on the other side of the pond:

3 Responses to “The Ron Paul of Britain?”

  1. ampers Says:

    No way. Not sure whether he is a Statist or a Centist, but his party used to be Centist and is now rapidly becoming statist.

    And he is for merging the UK with the EU and that wouldn’t be good for Americans!

    But on the whole, a welcomed speach, beautofully crafted and tells the truth whilst Gordon Brown was not only there but had to listen to it. That alone was priceless.

    But I would advise Hannan not to walk down any dark streets for the foreseable future.


  2. RichardJ Says:

    Hannah is for withdrawal from the EU Ampers.

  3. Mike Law UK Says:

    He most certainly isn’t in favour of further integration with the EU for the UK.

    What makes Daniel Hannan’s speech so powerful is that it echoes what many UK citizens think.

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