Freedom Watch (April 8)

Another episode yesterday of Freedom Watch from Fox’s Strategy Room.

The first guest? British MP and reader (we’re on his blogroll) Daniel Hannan. Other guests include regulars Peter Schiff, Lew Rockwell and Steve Bierfeldt.

I still say this deserves to be on actual television (not just internet only). How could it not get better ratings than the Huckster?

2 Responses to “Freedom Watch (April 8)”

  1. Libertas Says:

    Yes, I don’t understand how this is only on the Internet, and the Huckster is on TV.

    This week’s show was great. I posted it on my Facebook account, and one of my conservative friends, commented that Hannan had endorsed Obama. In other words, Hannan has no credibility.

    It’s bad enough when stupid people don’t think, but this guy is so intelligent!

  2. thomaserossi Says:

    Hannan did endorse Obama. In his defense, he’s not American. He didn’t have to live in Obamazombieland for the past several years. He wasn’t exposed to the mindless minions day-in and day-out to make him consider otherwise.

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