A History Lesson From A 4 Yr. Old

This video comes to us from Citizens in Charge Foundation, a Virginia-based group that defends citizens’ right to petition their government.

Also check out this rousing speech given by Paul Jacob, long-time libertarian activist and Citizens in Charge Foundation president, when he recently accepted the Charlton Heston “Courage Under Fire” Award.

Wikipedia has information regarding Paul’s resistance of the draft and his friendship with Ron Paul. Ron Paul’s endorsement of Citizens in Charge Foundation can be found here.

4 Responses to “A History Lesson From A 4 Yr. Old”

  1. ianharper Says:

    in the UK at the moment we have a PM that has powers that cant be taken away until his time is up. the mp’s are just turning up and taking their wages. what rights do we have? and this guy has never been voted in as PM or leader of his party. i say that we have a big problem over here. dont let it happen in the USA

  2. MoxKirby Says:

    @Ian Sounds like it’s time for a revolution. I’m not an advocate for violence, but change is never an impossibility.

    Many rights of Americans have been taken away in the last decade, and I’m sure there’s more to come, but in the end the citizens retain the power to strike, protest, and in extreme cases start a revolution/mutiny.

  3. Andreas Guibeb Says:

    Every official seeling elected office pledge to support the idea of government by, for and by the people till they get elected, when they fall in love with obscure decision making structures designed by bureaucrats. transparency of governance, term limits and greater on-going participation of citizens and not only during elections will bring about greater responsibility and accountability.

  4. KLKarrington Says:

    This is cute…and makes very valid points. It’s way past time for us to all quit bitching, get off our butts and get involved if we want things to change…put up or shut up. Thanks for the post! klk

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