Tax Propaganda

As you can see from the video below, paying money to the state was “patriotic” then, just the politicians say it is now.

However one thing has changed. Back then the propaganda said spending makes you an enemy of America: “Every dollar you spend for something you don’t need, is a dollar spent to help the Axis.”

Today we’re told to spend, spend, spend to “stimulate” the economy.

2 Responses to “Tax Propaganda”

  1. ianharper Says:

    lets take back control and reliance on others. the hard road is worth the work. power is what people want to control lets create new positive power that will make others seek the good and not the bad.

  2. MoxKirby Says:

    Sure they want you to spend, spend, spend now. The taxes are in place, so buy purchasing almost anything puts money in the political pockets.

    Taxes should be simple, why not just make a 5% tax across the board? Wipe out all state and local taxes, and just simplify the entire process. The speed and efficiency of tax distribution and budget planning would benefit significantly, not to mention savings on government labor.

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