Sotomayor & The Police

Given that Sotomayor was nominated by Barack Obama, I never had high hopes that she’d be good on federalism, guns, economic regulation, labor issues, property rights or the rest of the issues that I agree with the Court “conservatives” on. I did, however, hope that she’d be at least good on the things that “liberals” are supposed to be good on: civil liberties, torture, and police abuse.

This article doesn’t give me much hope that she’ll be at least good on those issues.  

As the article explains, in Jocks v. Tavernier Sotomayor convinced two skeptical judges to join her in throwing out a verdict where a jury found that Jocks had been wrongfully arrested by an off duty cop. The crux of the issue is that Sotomayor convinced her fellow judges to overrule the jury and believe the story of the off-duty cop, after the jury had effectively rejected his story by ruling for the plaintiff.

It seems Sotomayor’s “empathy” doesn’t include the victim of police abuse, who managed to convince a jury of his peers that that he was wrongfully arrested.

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  1. ronpaullistener Says:

    Watch this short video on Ron Paul vs. Obama

  2. patrioticman Says:

    Sotomayor is like every other judge in America; they are paid whores who have not the integrity of a pet rock. Have any of you ever wondered why there is so much injustice, as in the existence of the FED? It is because we are no longer a nation of laws, as in the Common Law, we are now a nation of slaves, as in we are under Admiralty Law or Statutory Law. All judges, police, and every government employee throughout the entire United States of America are ON THE TAKE. They get PAID vacations, PAID sick-leave, PAID insurance, while the remainder of America’s citizens get ripped-off. There is no such thing in America as Justice, only JUST-US. Ron Paul is the only ray of light, that I have seen, in Washington DC, the rest are just PAID WHORES!

  3. VictorMorris Says:

    I think it’s time for a coordinated effort by Americans to re-define our Constitutional Rights and get very specific in terms of Citizen Responsibilities at the same time. It can be done now, via the internet. With Rights and Responsibilities rdefined, we can structure a government that must respond to citizens rather than to re-election and big business and individual politician power grabs.

    Lots of good blogs with good suggestions, but to unconnected to make a difference. Check my developing website ( and let me know what you think about the plan. It can be done.

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