Government Run Health Care: DMV Service at Pentagon Prices

Here’s a thought: Stop talking about the “public option” because we all know there is no such thing.

People like the public. It includes our neighbors, shop owners, workers, fellow consumers and all the other citizens we voluntarily interact with everyday. Those people will have no say over our health care.

Instead, government bureaucrats will be making health decisions. You know, the ones who provide that great service at the DMV, and keep costs down at the Pentagon. The only thing the “public” will get is the bill, which will be collected under threat of imprisonment as taxes.

So when you debate heath care “reform” with someone always insist on referring to the “government option” not the “public option.”

4 Responses to “Government Run Health Care: DMV Service at Pentagon Prices”

  1. Roger Clark Says:

    Interesting info Mr. Semmens

  2. Nobama Says:

    Man I wish you won in 08, forget all this obamacare

  3. John Says:

    I like your tagline DMV service at Government prices. At least nowdays the service at the DMV is taking place online in many instances. I wonder if healthcare will follow suit?

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