Rick Santelli Takes on the Establishment

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  1. Corruption.gov Says:

    Check out our support for Ron Paul via the silver screen! http://www.youtube.com/user/CorruptionGov

  2. amber Says:

    Ron paul in 2012!!


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  3. Alphonse Ponzillo Says:

    The three most aggressive opponents to our American Civil Society are military, economical and political. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will pursue the present dialogue concerning these three most aggressive opponents of our civilian American disasters. Ron Paul will not pursue the present dialogue concerning our three most American aggressive civilian disasters and Ron Paul will not pursue the dialogue of Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. The vote of the American Civilian Society is the only shelter the American Civilian Society will offer to itself the ‘ American Civilian Society’, to replace the confiscation of the economic fractures and the political isolation that has evolved from the administration of Bill Clinton to the present administration of Barack Obama. Mitt Romney does not recognise the economic fractures or the political isolation the American Civilian Society and does not give a reference of his concern to remedy this dilemma. The Ron Paul vote of the American Civilian Society is the existence of peace. The hope of nations to obtain an international peaceful existence will be defeated with the election of Mitt Romney or the re-election of Barack Obama. This ‘for ever war’ message to the international community will instill the ‘hate’ thought of the American Civilian Society that will destroy all respect and concern for the United States political and civilian values and respect for american life. Recognise the difference Ron Paul represents to our American Civilian Society! Recognise the respect Ron Paul represents to the international community !

  4. angela Hoffman Says:

    Earl Ofari Hutchinson will be asking the question on his show. Why do so many people like Ron Paul? Saturday, January 28, 2012 90.7 KPFK 12-1p PST

  5. david Says:

    I am sorry to say, but no matter how good Ron Paul is, and he is a genuinely good man, he cannot win an election for the American presidency, simply because the zionist- controlled mass media and Israel lobby will not allow it.

  6. Carol Khouri Says:

    Will voters in the forthcoming USA Presidential Election follow their ‘stone age brains’ in selecting their leader?
    Or will they make a rational choice and vote for the candidate who will cut runaway defense spending, drastically reduce taxation, put an end to the wild printing of paper money and peg the dollar to un-eroding values, divert funds from senseless foreign wars to let every kid have either a university education or intensive training in the skills of tomorrow, create jobs for every able-bodied adult and cut waste in Government’s health programs?
    These are not just dreams. They will be achieved if you the voter will eschew that stone-age tendency to vote the macho-looking candidate and opt for the candidate who has the right program for you.
    Please read the following extracts from a recent research on the subject:

    “Having written a book with a psychologist about how people choose leaders, I know a little about the calculation of allure. I know that voters aren’t always “rational”. They don’t read manifestos, mull over CVs, listen to critics, and place their X accordingly. No, when volunteers in psychology experiments are presented with cleverly designed voting options, they are indecently swayed by such attributes as height, a strong jaw-line, a gravelly voice, talkativeness – and a Y-chromosome. Just look at our movers and shakers in politics and business – they are disproportionately tall, strong-jawed and male.
    “The explanation for this, as my tall, strong-jawed co-writer and I discovered, can be found in our Stone Age brains. Somewhere deep in our psyche, we have a “leadership template” bequeathed by our ancestors. Back in the days when life was feral and strangers meant violence, we sought out leaders who were imposing, physically strong and ready to fight. And what do a baritone voice and a square jaw tell us? That their owner is generously endowed with testosterone, the hormone associated with aggression and strength. So even today, we pick the same sort of leaders our ancestors would have chosen.
    “The way we look and the way we orate radiate a wealth of biological information, to which our forebears were exquisitely attuned for the sake of survival. Lady Thatcher understood this, as do Putin and Obama, who love showing off their athleticism. They know it ticks the right psychological boxes – and makes you.”

    Anjana Ahuja is co-author of ‘Selected: Why Some People Lead, Why Others Follow, and Why It Matters’

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