CPAC 2011 Or Bust (Discounted tickets!)

What are you doing to promote liberty in 2011?

Have you thought of making your voice heard at the upcoming CPAC 2011 conference?

Help support liberty candidates and head to CPAC in February. Gary Johnson will be speaking at this year’s CPAC.

Our America Initiative and Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson invite you to join them at CPAC 2011 in Washington, DC.

Come take part in this exciting event that will help set the direction for the conservative movement and Presidential politics in America. You will have the opportunity to hear from nationally known speakers, attend thought provoking panels and network with the country’s top leaders. And of course, all of this will take place in beautiful Washington, DC.
The Our America Initiative CPAC packages include a registration pass for the conference and hotel accommodations. These packages are significantly discounted for students to ensure that the youth movement for liberty has the opportunity to attend the conference.

To view available packages please visit here:

RSVP on Facebook and invite other like-minded friends to come.

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  1. tiffany Says:

    Ron paul in 2012!!!!!!


    Help support Ron paul and make a donation in the price asked in return for sleek and professionally printed RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT T-SHIRT. or pick from many different republican designs T-SHIRTS
    some of the proceeds go to local business. heres the link
    thank you and help keep this country strong god bless!!!!

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