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FRN Money Bomb — February 1st!

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Have you all heard about the movie Silver Circle Movie?

If not you have to check it out. You know how folks in the movement try and try to persuade their friends and family about the impending crisis coming upon our country if we continue on this spend, print and borrow path.

Well, unfortunately, human beings aren’t rational. We don’t take to information and “just the facts.” Instead we are convinced by stories, especially stories with emotional pull.

Luckily, the good folks at Lineplot Productions are putting out an animated feature film (Silver Circle) to be released during the heat of the presidential primary for the GOPs.  This movie will have elements that will attract more people’s interest  – like a love story, lots of action, and some mystery, too.  It will also tell the story of our near future in 2019. How will our country look when the government takes over more control of our lives and the Fed is increasing in its power and there is an underground rebel movement to counter this all ?

In order for Lineplot Productions to finish the movie in time for submission at the Sundance Film Festival they need YOUR help to get it made.  Since this really is a story about OUR movement and OUR message of freedom we need to show support for it.  What better way to support a film about FRNs and Silver than to throw a “Fiat Money Bomb” in its honor?

So visit their website today ( and make a pledge to donate on February 1st. There will be a ton of great give-aways like books, subscriptions to a silver newsletter, and silver rounds. Join them today!

*Disclaimer: I am working for Lineplot Productions as an advisor. But I’m also a big fan of what they are doing to spread the message and would support this project regardless.