FRN Money Bomb — February 1st!

Have you all heard about the movie Silver Circle Movie?

If not you have to check it out. You know how folks in the movement try and try to persuade their friends and family about the impending crisis coming upon our country if we continue on this spend, print and borrow path.

Well, unfortunately, human beings aren’t rational. We don’t take to information and “just the facts.” Instead we are convinced by stories, especially stories with emotional pull.

Luckily, the good folks at Lineplot Productions are putting out an animated feature film (Silver Circle) to be released during the heat of the presidential primary for the GOPs.  This movie will have elements that will attract more people’s interest  – like a love story, lots of action, and some mystery, too.  It will also tell the story of our near future in 2019. How will our country look when the government takes over more control of our lives and the Fed is increasing in its power and there is an underground rebel movement to counter this all ?

In order for Lineplot Productions to finish the movie in time for submission at the Sundance Film Festival they need YOUR help to get it made.  Since this really is a story about OUR movement and OUR message of freedom we need to show support for it.  What better way to support a film about FRNs and Silver than to throw a “Fiat Money Bomb” in its honor?

So visit their website today ( and make a pledge to donate on February 1st. There will be a ton of great give-aways like books, subscriptions to a silver newsletter, and silver rounds. Join them today!

*Disclaimer: I am working for Lineplot Productions as an advisor. But I’m also a big fan of what they are doing to spread the message and would support this project regardless.

5 Responses to “FRN Money Bomb — February 1st!”

  1. John Nibarger Says:

    I take exception to Ron Paul being described or called a “Politician.” If he were a politician, he would pander for votes, change positions, move to the center or left to appease current public sentiment vs. follow the constitution. If Ron Paul were a politician he would not speak about controversial issues if it meant losing votes from various groups. If Ron Paul were a politician he would change positions to be popular. He would put campaign contributions first. If Ron Paul were a politician he would compromise, even when compromise meant selling out. Were Ron Paul a politician he would be explaining why his positions have changed over time, why his voting record didn’t support his campaign promises.

    No, Ron Paul is not a politician. The word politician is nearly synonymous with prostitution, which is a business transaction in which one person is for sale according the preferences of the buyer, willing to play any role or participate in nearly any act for personal compensation.

    No, Ron Paul is not a politician. He has a solid, consistent record both in word, deed, votes, campaign pledges and legislative efforts.

    No, Ron Paul is not a politician. He has been unwilling to turn his congressional seat into a business venture, unwilling to play roles or participate in unsavory or unconstitutional acts for the sake of personal compensation or even to gain political advantage.

    No, Ron Paul is not a politician. He has not compromised nor sold out his principles. And his principles have been guided solely by the constitution and founding principles, even when not convenient and even when this meant it would result in the loss of political opportunity.

    No, Ron Paul is not a politician and that is the reason he is considered “crazy” in the political world and “fringe” in his positions uncompromised.

    It’s about time we had a President that was not a politician, but was a statesman, a patriot, a man of honor and humility. A man who understands and promotes limitation of power.

    Yes, it is about time we had a President that wasn’t a politician, partisan to a party, loyal to lobbyists of the highest bid, and pandering for votes…standing for popularity at the cost of liberty.

    It is time we had Ron Paul for President.

    And it is time we began putting more people into congress that are not politicians. It’s time we send some reinforcements into congress to work with Ron Paul rather than expect him to fight a battle as one man against an army of hundreds of self-interested politicians who believe Ron Paul is a threat to them, their establishment and their interests. After all, Ron Paul wants them to take their “entrepreneurialism” and put it into its proper place….into the free market.

    Politicians are not evil, they are just a fish out of water, ambitious entrepreneurs in the wrong environment. Politicians merely need to go into the market place where it is quite proper and applauded for a person to operate in self interest and build business that profit from their sale of goods or services to satisfy a base of customers. Let’s help these misguided entrepreneurs find a new life by “privatizing” the politicians into the free market as businessmen who will operate businesses, create jobs and contribute to growing the economy, and even start paying real taxes.

    We need to vote for Ron Paul. But we need to vote for others just like him. We need to storm Washington DC with people who understand that our government was never intended to be run by Politicians, but by citizens….not as a business, but to conduct the limited business of the people…where less is more.

    Washington DC needs a massive transfusion of new blood, but not of the same blood type. No, we need to transfuse a completely new blood type and transform the entire landscape.

    We can no longer send one good apple into a spoiled barrel and expect solutions. We all know that one bad apple can spoil the barrel….time to start weeding.

    Right now Washington DC is radioactive, and nearly all who arrive are soon infected and affected by its corrosive environment. Very few have the moral resolve to be immune to its corrupting effects. And the only way to overcome this is to flush the diseased who no longer have capacity to be a helpmate to Dr. Paul.

    Just my $0.02 (used to be that we could afford “a dollar for what it’s worth” before the FED and inflation devalued us to just “2 cents” for what it’s worth!)

  2. tim jr Says:

    Join us help more of Tennessee become aware .. See you on Facebook

  3. tiffany Says:

    Ron paul in 2012!

    Help support Ron paul and make a donation in the price asked in return for sleek and handsom professionally printed RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT T-SHIRT. or if you like pick from many different republican designs T-SHIRTS
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  4. Jap Says: Ron Paul Quotes on Youtube.

  5. Christopher Kandrat Says:

    I wish he would run again, but his son might, we’ll see what happens, hopefully this blog comes back.

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