Video: The Ron Paul Story

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  1. givejonadollar Says:

    I’m going to be watching this later and I bookmarked this post. I’m hoping it’s good so I can use it as a good introductory to Ron Paul for people.

  2. Liz Says:

    That’s a great video. I like him more than before I saw it. Hard to see where the drugs and prostitution fit in with a nice family like that. He should go by Ernie. That fits him better. Keep up the good work, Ernie. Decades in Congress hasn’t solved much. Better keep at it. You are a true patriot.

  3. Harlan Menton Says:

    Re: Ron Paul
    I have championed Ronnie Reagan since before he gained Governorship or Calif. I knew he could not accomplish all of what he wanted to but would try! Imagine that? Since that time I have always voted for anyone on the ballot who showed the same intent. Sad to say few if any since have measured up. They always find and use “reasons” to do the opposite of what they say they will do. I do not “support with my wallet” because of this fact! My money comes hard and under my own actions, not by Government Welfare. I’m the only one I see who will do with my money that which is right. I will, however, incourage folks to vote for Ron Paul and others of the same intent. My vote follows him but my heart awaits his results.
    Good Luck To Us All………………..Harlan

  4. Miron Says:

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  5. think98 Says:

    Ron Paul has been the most consistent and correct Congressman the past few decades.

  6. richardpadilla Says:

    I support Ron Paul for President 2012!
    ★ Join the Revolution! ★
    Restore America now!
    The Champion of the Constitution
    The Defender of Freedom
    The Taxpayer’s Best Friend
    Spread the word!!

  7. sarah Says:

    Ron paul in 2012!!!!!!

    Help support Ron paul and make a donation in the price asked in return for sleek and professionally printed RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT T-SHIRT. or pick from many different republican designs T-SHIRTS
    some of the proceeds go to local business. heres the link
    thank you and help keep this country strong god bless!!!!

  8. val Says:

    Ron Paul VP to a chiksa ??? LOL :) Read this !!!!
    The Behind Closed Door(s) meeting of the Fed to discuss “new rules” is a fraud. What was actually discussed was a Pre-Audit employee extravaganza. The final agreement was to hire all the Carnival Cruse ships, for a grand “ I’m a Dancing Fool “ party cruse. The destination was undisclosed, but rumors suggest somewhere in the Mediterranean. Several trains from Washington to New York were also to be booked for “special congressional guests “. According to rumors again, Ron & Rand Paul were not invited ! Experts had no explanation for the party mood, some say, that after years of “ getting high on themselves ” that “ they deserve it “. Other rumors suggest that both Ron & Rand Paul, will run for President and Vice President respectively, on the Libertarian Part Ticket in November. This sparked much heated debate within these “closed meetings” of the Fed, therefore Party, rumor has it !

  9. Christopher Kandrat Says:

    The only man who is honest, respectful. Former military also, but hes shunned by the media, its sickening. Keep going Paul, no matter what.

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