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Ron Paul 2012

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

It’s been too long since we’ve updated, but here’s two TV ads that only Ron Paul could run without being a hypocrite:

FRN Money Bomb — February 1st!

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Have you all heard about the movie Silver Circle Movie?

If not you have to check it out. You know how folks in the movement try and try to persuade their friends and family about the impending crisis coming upon our country if we continue on this spend, print and borrow path.

Well, unfortunately, human beings aren’t rational. We don’t take to information and “just the facts.” Instead we are convinced by stories, especially stories with emotional pull.

Luckily, the good folks at Lineplot Productions are putting out an animated feature film (Silver Circle) to be released during the heat of the presidential primary for the GOPs.  This movie will have elements that will attract more people’s interest  – like a love story, lots of action, and some mystery, too.  It will also tell the story of our near future in 2019. How will our country look when the government takes over more control of our lives and the Fed is increasing in its power and there is an underground rebel movement to counter this all ?

In order for Lineplot Productions to finish the movie in time for submission at the Sundance Film Festival they need YOUR help to get it made.  Since this really is a story about OUR movement and OUR message of freedom we need to show support for it.  What better way to support a film about FRNs and Silver than to throw a “Fiat Money Bomb” in its honor?

So visit their website today ( and make a pledge to donate on February 1st. There will be a ton of great give-aways like books, subscriptions to a silver newsletter, and silver rounds. Join them today!

*Disclaimer: I am working for Lineplot Productions as an advisor. But I’m also a big fan of what they are doing to spread the message and would support this project regardless.

CPAC 2011 Or Bust (Discounted tickets!)

Monday, December 20th, 2010

What are you doing to promote liberty in 2011?

Have you thought of making your voice heard at the upcoming CPAC 2011 conference?

Help support liberty candidates and head to CPAC in February. Gary Johnson will be speaking at this year’s CPAC.

Our America Initiative and Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson invite you to join them at CPAC 2011 in Washington, DC.

Come take part in this exciting event that will help set the direction for the conservative movement and Presidential politics in America. You will have the opportunity to hear from nationally known speakers, attend thought provoking panels and network with the country’s top leaders. And of course, all of this will take place in beautiful Washington, DC.
The Our America Initiative CPAC packages include a registration pass for the conference and hotel accommodations. These packages are significantly discounted for students to ensure that the youth movement for liberty has the opportunity to attend the conference.

To view available packages please visit here:

RSVP on Facebook and invite other like-minded friends to come.

Rick Santelli Takes on the Establishment

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

‘Cap and Trade’ is Really Just a Massive Tax

Monday, March 9th, 2009

From the Wall Street Journal:

Who Pays for Cap and Trade?

Hint: They were promised a tax cut during the Obama campaign.

Cap and trade is the tax that dare not speak its name, and Democrats are hoping in particular that no one notices who would pay for their climate ambitions. With President Obama depending on vast new carbon revenues in his budget and Congress promising a bill by May, perhaps Americans would like to know the deeply unequal ways that climate costs would be distributed across regions and income groups.

Politicians love cap and trade because they can claim to be taxing “polluters,” not workers. Hardly. Once the government creates a scarce new commodity — in this case the right to emit carbon — and then mandates that businesses buy it, the costs would inevitably be passed on to all consumers in the form of higher prices. Stating the obvious, Peter Orszag — now Mr. Obama’s budget director — told Congress last year that “Those price increases are essential to the success of a cap-and-trade program.”

Hit hardest would be the “95% of working families” Mr. Obama keeps mentioning, usually omitting that his no-new-taxes pledge comes with the caveat “unless you use energy.” Putting a price on carbon is regressive by definition because poor and middle-income households spend more of their paychecks on things like gas to drive to work, groceries or home heating.

The Congressional Budget Office — Mr. Orszag’s former roost — estimates that the price hikes from a 15% cut in emissions would cost the average household in the bottom-income quintile about 3.3% of its after-tax income every year. That’s about $680, not including the costs of reduced employment and output. The three middle quintiles would see their paychecks cut between $880 and $1,500, or 2.9% to 2.7% of income. The rich would pay 1.7%. Cap and trade is the ideal policy for every Beltway analyst who thinks the tax code is too progressive (all five of them).


Cap and trade, in other words, is a scheme to redistribute income and wealth — but in a very curious way. It takes from the working class and gives to the affluent; takes from Miami, Ohio, and gives to Miami, Florida; and takes from an industrial America that is already struggling and gives to rich Silicon Valley and Wall Street “green tech” investors who know how to leverage the political class.

David Nolan on the LP

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Libertarian Party founder David Nolan has some interesting thoughts on the future of the Libertarian Party.

He sharply criticizes the job done by the Bob Barr campaign and calls for a re-radicalization of the LP.

Here are my thoughts on voting and the Barr campaign:

I ended up pulling the lever for Bob Barr, even though not voting on principle is also very appealing. Sure Barr’s campaign hasn’t been able to capitalize on the enthusiasm of the Paul campaign, and some of the campaign’s decisions have been quite questionable. (I’m thinking specifically of the decision to stiff Ron Paul while Campaign Manager Russ Verney was writing in praise of George Bush’s post-9/11 “leadership” - you know, the “leadership” that got us into Iraq, failed to make any reform in social security, authorized torture, spied on Americans, etc.)

Still, for most Americans who don’t even realize that Bob Barr is on the ballot, a vote for him is just a generic libertarian protest vote, which is exactly what I want it to stand for.

Ron Paul to Decide Montana?

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

That’s what Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer says:

If Only…

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Given that Dr. Paul was the only Republican presidential candidate who warned us about this economic mess we were creating, I can’t help thinking about what could have been, had the time table on this economic disaster become apparent while the primary was still going.

Imagine if the bailout bill came before Congress a year ago, or even last December, January or February.  Dr. Paul would likely have been the only candidate opposing the bailout. At the very least we wouldn’t have ended up with McCain, who is a self professed economic idiot, and who was calling for lower interest rates (i.e. printing more money and issuing more credit) throughout the campaign.

If only…