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Trans-Texas Corridor Dies an Ignominious Death

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008
Paul Calls TTC Decision “A Major Victory For Texas”
by John Pape

Area congressman Ron Paul (R-Lake Jackson) has hailed the Texas Department of Transportation’s decision to abandon plans for the Trans-Texas Corridor as” a major victory for Texas.”

Paul’s congressional district includes portions of Fort Bend County, including much of the Cinco Ranch area. Just over a week ago, TxDOT announced that it will drop plans to develop a mega-highway across much of Texas in lieu of improving the existing US Hwy. 59 into a full, controlled-access interstate highway. Paul credited public outcry over TTC plans as the reason for the transportation department’s change of plans.

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Ron Paul on Lou Dobbs

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

Finally, a cable news station has taken note of Ron Paul:

Over at Reason Magazine, David Weigel notes: “It’s odd to see Paul in this format. He really doesn’t get the language of these cable appearences; he couldn’t dodge a question if it was tossed 100 feet over his head.”

And he’s right. Paul’s candor comes across to viewers when he is on TV. And while it is certainly unusual for a politician, it is also quite refreshing.